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Unify Server Settings

There are a few specific things that can be set correctly on your server in order for Unify to work as best as it can. Thankfully, your server should probably already have these setting enabled:

Required Settings

  • PHP5

Required for Auto-Update

Optional Settings

  • "register_globals" should be "off" for better security
  • Some users have reported that setting "magic_quotes_gpc" to "off" in the php.ini has resolved session errors.
  • "session.save_path" should not be set to "no value". Contact your host to change if it is set to "no value".
  • Somtimes "safe_mode" is turned on and this sometimes causes problems. You might want to contact your host to turn "safe_mode" off.


If you are experiencing permissions errors, please try setting your “FTP info” in the settings.

Please make sure that applications will be able to write to files on your server. Unify cannot function without this. If you are experiencing permissions errors, please visit the “Permissions Errors” section in our help forums.