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Unify Settings

The Unify settings allow you to control how Unify functions, and manage the users of your Unify. The settings are only accessible by the Unify admin for your domain.


On the “Preferences” tab of the settings, you can control some basic elements of how Unify functions:

  • file path · you can change the name of your Unify folder, for extra security. Just change the folder name through your FTP client, and the correct path should display here. You cannot change this through the editor.
  • HTML editing · Unify allows users to view edit the source HTML of any editable element. You can turn off this functionality here.
  • exclude folders · Here, you can name folders that you do not want indexed in the file browser or pages navigation. Unify will match the name or the path to make sure not to show what you need to protect.
  • file uploads · Unify will allow you to upload files to your server, up to 100MB in size. You can turn this feature off here. Also, you can specify a specific file upload path; leave this blank if you want Unify to auto-discover folders. Please note: If you turn off file uploads, users can still upload images.
  • image upload path · You can specify a specific image upload directory. Just enter the relative (from the root of your site) path to the folder you want to use; leave this blank if you want Unify to auto-discover folders.


On the “User Info” tab of the settings, you can add, edit and/or delete users from your Unify account. You can also edit the details of your admin account, but Unify will not let you delete the admin account.

When creating passwords, Unify provides you with a password strength indicator. The password must be “strong” in order for it to be valid.

FTP Info

On the “FTP Info” tab of the settings, you can give Unify FTP access to your site. This not required, but will alleviate permissions issues for files on your server.

Please note: the “Site Path” is the path to the root of your site, relative to the FTP user. For example: domains/yoursite.com/htmlMore info here.