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Unify Development Changelog


  • Fixed PHP Version Allowances: Changed the php5x requirement to php5+, allowing Unify to recognize and work with php7.


  • Fixed Styling Dropdown: Reverting TinyMCE to version 3.4.9, and removing the "blockquote" option, fixed the inconsistent behavior with the styling dropdown.


  • Updated TinyMCE: To the current version (3.5.8).
  • Fixed List Tabbing: Using tab and shift+tab to work with nested lists now creates the correct HTML.
  • Fixed Draggable Bug: It is no longer possible to get the editor stuck on the mouse pointer by clicking and dragging on a button.
  • Modified FTP Credential Saving: To allow for certain special characters.
  • Fixed a Restore Bug: Restore is no longer prevented from working immediately after publishing.


  • Fixed Several Allowed Tag Bugs: Several HTML tags that were being disallowed erroneously by the updated version of TinyMCE are now allowed.
  • Lowercase File Paths: Paths to files are no longer being automatically lowercased.
  • Help Links: We have changed help desk providers so the in-app links to help articles have been updated.


This fourth major update of Unify is primarily concerned with updating the libraries that Unify is built on and reintegrating those libraries in such a way as to make it easier to keep them updated. This version also marks the return of IE support! We will now officially support Unify in IE9.

  • Updated jQuery: The included version of jQuery has been updated to 1.7.1
  • Updated jQuery UI: The included version of jQuery UI has been updated to 1.8.18
  • Updated TinyMCE: The included version of TinyMCE has been updated to 3.4.9
  • Updated jQuery Mousewheel: The included version of jQuery Mousewheel has been updated to 3.0.6
  • Fixed IE image editing bug: Images can now be added and edited in IE9
  • Fixed IE extra markup bug: Extra elements and attributes should no longer be added when editing in IE9.
  • Fixed IE repeatables bug: Repeatables are now behaving properly in IE9.
  • Fixed IE draggable window bug: Windows can now be dragged in IE9.
  • Fixed a bug in the undo process: The logic being used for undo/redo was causing a mission critical bug in specific circumstances. This has been squashed.
  • Fixed extra spaces bug: Unify is no longer adding extra spaces into the class attributes of editable elements.


  • Fixed Another Folder Exclusion Bug: The fix in 1.3.20 exposed another problem with the file browsing algorithm that was causing files in the root directory to be excluded if the user had not entered any folders to exclude. This releases fixes that issue.


  • Fixed A Folder Exclusion Bug: Files in excluded folders are now being hidden properly.


  • Fixed (Another) Specific FTP Saving Bug: Some users' virtual host setup was conflicting with the way Unify was saving via FTP. FTP saving should now be working for these users.


  • Fixed Specific FTP Saving Bug: Users who were publishing using FTP with a domain root of "/" while Unify was installed in a sub-directory were experiencing aberrant saving/restoring behavior. This should now be fixed.


  • Improved FTP Saving: Errors when saving FTP info in "settings" should now give clearer direction on what is entered incorrectly.
  • Fixed FTP Publishing Bug: Publishing via FTP when Unify is installed in a sub-directory now works.
  • Fixed Path Discovering Bugs: Some users were having trouble using the "pages" dialog and uploading images due to the way Unify was discovering file paths and limiting directory access. This has been made more robust.


  • Improved support for Windows servers: Some Windows server setups were previously having trouble logging in and/or publishing.


  • Added Missing ".aspx" Extension Support: The Unify file browser was previously not discovering files with a ".aspx" extension.
  • Fixed FTP Information Saving: Unify should now allow/force users to save the proper domain root in their FTP info.
  • Fixed Default Image Sizing: The default dimensions for an image being edited no longer include border widths.


  • Fixed Root Sub-Domain Resolution Bug: The way Unify was handling the presence of “www.” in URLs has been fixed.


  • Added the “Target” Attribute: You can now add the “target” attribute in the link prompt.
  • Fixed List Items in IE: IE should now close list items properly and not add any trailing BRs.
  • Fixed Repeatables Deleting Issue: You should now be able to delete repeatables in Chrome with no issues.
  • Fixed “Done” in IE7: IE7 was having trouble committing changes to the page. Not anymore.
  • Improved Root Sub-Domain Resolution: Unify is now agnostic as to whether your URL says “www.” or not.
  • Improved Publishing/Restoring to Includes: Unify is now much better about finding includes within includes when using PHP server variables.


  • Fixed New Version Bug: Unify will now read the current/new versions properly.
  • Fixed Includes within Includes: Unify was having trouble finding includes within includes called with relative paths. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed Repeatable Icons at Edge of Window: Repeatable buttons will now not overlap at the edge of the window.
  • Improved Repeatable Button Postioning: Repeatable button positioning has been tweaked to work better.
  • Improved IE List Item Closing Tags: Unify will now make sure IE will correctly close LI, DT, and DDs.


  • Fixed Restore Function: Version 1.3.10 introduced a bug that caused Restore to fail. This is now fixed. If you are using 1.3.10, you will want to update.
  • Fixed Comments in HTML: Version 1.3.10 also introduced a bug that obscured comments when saving HTML. This has been fixed.
  • Improved Settings Load Time: The Twitter feed now loads after your settings info, so you can get work quicker.


  • Improved List Item Tabbing: We have improved tabbing into nested lists and especially tabbing out of them.
  • Improved Backup Naming: Backup file names are now based on their entire directory path to avoid confusion.
  • Improved FTP Form Feedback: Your FTP info will not work if you put “ftp.” in the server field, and the form will now check for that.
  • Fixed Ignoring of Unify Elements in HTML Comments: Unify will now properly ignore Unify elements that have been commented out in the HTML.
  • Fixed Restricted Folders: You can now set the “files” folder and “images” folder to the same folder if you need to.
  • Fixed IE List Item Wackiness: IE likes to remove closing tags for list items. Unify now puts them back.
  • Fixed Tables in IE: IE was erroring on inserting tables. Not anymore.
  • Fixed Definition Lists in Safari & IE: The Definition List button should work as expected now.
  • Fixed Version Number on Update: The Unify version number is now housed in the PHP – not the session – so it should read correctly on update from now on (after this update).
  • Fixed Session Variables to be More Specific: All session variables are now prefixed with “un1fy” to get out of the way of user variables.


  • Fixed Pages & File Browsing Bug: Unify was having trouble blocking or showing the right folder in the file browser if the excluded & specified paths were named similarly. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed IE’s Invalid Code: IE will remove quotes around attributes. Unify will now corrects this in the generated HTML.
  • Fixed HTTPS Links: Unify should generate the proper HTTPS links now.


  • Fixed Pages & File Browsing: This version implements a patch that will fix some issues that cropped up with the addition of folder excluding.
  • Fixed Exclude Paths and File & Image Paths: The last update caused an issue where "_" could not be used in these paths. This will work now.
  • Fixed FTP Connection for Windows Server: Trailing slashes were causing an issue here, but should be fixed now. A special thanks to Rob Watkins for his help here.


  • Added Pages and Folder Filtering: You can now define folders that you want to exclude from being indexed by entering them in your Preferences.
  • Pages Nav Only Shows Unify Editable Pages: This feature should work properly now, limiting users to only seeing editable pages in the Unify nav.
  • Improved Publishing Features: Unify will now leave alone any file that is included on your page, but not an editable Unify page or include.
  • Improved Validation Features: Unify should now leave your self-closing tags alone, keeping them valid if you have written them properly, and changing TinyMCE generated tags based on your DOCTYPE.
  • Fixed Bug on Text Elements: P tags and other text elements were disappearing on clicking “Done”. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed Table Row Bug: Table rows were losing their child elements on clicking “Done”. This has also been fixed.


  • Improved List Interface: You can now tab/shift+tab to create/destroy nested lists.
  • Improved Sorting of Repeatables: Floated elements should now sort more naturally.
  • Fixed Session Issues: This should solve the “There was an error creating a session.” error if you had that issue.
  • Fixed HTML Comments in Editable Areas: Unify will now preserve HTML comments with “unify” and “unifyRepeat” editable areas.
  • Fixed Settings Syntax Bug: This may have prevented some admin users from accessing the settings area of Unify. This is fixed now.
  • Fixed IE8 Link Deletion: Unify will now properly delete a link in IE8.
  • Fixed “Select All”: Using “select all” hot keys in the editor will now make sure to preserve your content properly when deleting or pasting new content.
  • Fixed Cursor Positioning: When creating a new Definition List or creating nested lists, your cursor will now be placed in the appropriate spot to continue typing.


  • Fixed Email Link Issue: Unify does not add the URL to an email link anymore.
  • Fixed New User Creation: Unify will now accept a medium password when creating new users.
  • Fixed Server Issue with Pages/File Browsing: This should keep it from freezing up.
  • Improved Table Row Sorting: Table rows should look much better when sorting, and work better in IE.


  • Improved Interface: We have changed the edit icons to be more communicative, and changed the term “dashboard” to “settings”.
  • Easier Passwords: Unify now only needs a “medium” strength password, though we still encourage you to try to create a “strong” password.
  • Added IDs for Anchors: You can now create an anchor by adding IDs to A tags.
  • Better Page and File Browsing: Finding and selecting pages, images or files will work much faster and more consistently.
  • Improved Access to Files and Images: Unify will now let users access subfolders of the folders desginated for images and files in the settings.
  • Smarter Restore: Unify can now restore pages in subfolders properly by properly tagging the backups based on subfolder.
  • Fixed Pages Nav: The Unify pages nav was still freezing for some. This should be fixed.
  • Fixed Resize of Editor Window: Fixed a bug causing strange behaviors when shrinking the editor window.
  • Fixed Duplicate Paths: Unify was duplicating the path in absolute links. Not anymore.


  • Fixed Publishing Errors: Users were having trouble publishing in certain PHP setups. All known publshing errors have been resolved.
  • Fixed Thumbnail Alignment: Thumbnails in the image file browser should align properly on PCs now.
  • Fixed for sIFR3: Unify should now work properly with sIFR3.
  • Fixed Repeatables in IE: Repeatable content should now display properly in IE, on both the page and in the editor.
  • Fixed Paths in Links: Some links were having their paths duplicated when edited. This has been fixed.
  • Added Overwrite or Find options to image uploads: You can now choose to overwrite when uploading an image, or immediately browse to the image in the file browser.
  • Increased the Image size limit: Unify will now allow the upload of images of up to 5MB through the image prompt.
  • Improved Navigation: You can now manually refresh in Unify and maintain the page you were on.
  • Improved Line Breaks in TinyMCE: Unify should now make sure not to add unstlyed text when returning from an header tag, and should better know when to just add BRs instead of creating a new tag.


  • Fixed Logout Error: Some people were seeing a 500 internal server error on logout. This should be resolved.
  • Fixed Login Error: Unify was showing a blank screen when submitting the login for without data. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed Resize to Fit: Unify should now properly keep the original size of images, if you choose to use them.
  • Improved File Browsing Issue: The file browsing should work faster, and not freeze for most common server setups now.
  • Improved File Browsing Filtering: The file browser will better filter out Unify pages and other scripts.
  • Added Support for Absolute Include Paths: If you need an absolute path for your includes, you can now write them like so:
    <?php include $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."path/goes/here.php"; ?>
    …or any syntactically valid version of that path. Unify will find and edit them now.


  • Fixed Unify Editing on Ps, H1-9s, Etc.: Unify was losing content when commmiting changes to P, H1-9 and other text tags with the class of “unify”. This has bee fixed.
  • Fixed First Login Bug: We fixed a bug in the resitration process that was causing passwords to be incorrect on install. There shoul be no futher problems with passwords for registrations after 05/19/10. If your password does not work, just use the “Forgot Password” functionality to reset it.
  • Fixed Pages Navigation Bug: Found and fixed a bug causing the pages prompt to not work properly with some installs of PHP.
  • Fixed TinyMCE Cleanup: Unify should now properly remove any TinyMCE attributes. This was not working well since updating TinyMCE in version 1.3.


Please note: to update to version 1.3, you will need to perform a manual update. Future auto-updates should work fine, after 1.3.

  • Added Navigation to Editable Pages: You can now navigate to any editable page through the Unify “pages” link in the interface, rather than create a link on your site.
  • Added Page Links: You can now link to other pages (that are not includes or PHP scripts) through the Unify interface.
  • Added Table Wizard: You can now easily add tables to your editable areas.
  • Added Folder Restrictions: Your file/image upload folder preferences now also control your file/image browsing, so users will only be able to link to files/images in folders they are allowed to upload to.
  • Added SSI Support: Unify now works with Apache Server-Side Includes as well as PHP includes.
  • Improved Pasting: Unify will now clean all HTML out of pasted text, included all the crazy stuff Word does to your content.
  • Improved File Browsing: The file browser has bee redesigned to help users more easily find what they are linking to.
  • Reworked Definition Lists: The definition list editor has be integrated more seamlessly in to the TinyMCE interface. You can add and change DTs and DDs like you would a P or and H2 now, using the format drop-down.
  • Redesigned Interface: The Unify top bar has been realigned to add the “pages” link, and to make “restore” more prominent. Also, there have been many smaller improvements to the interface.
  • More Lightweight: Auto-updates and installs should be much quicker, as should overall performance since we eliminated many images and streamlined the CSS/JS. Unify is now less than half the size it was, with more features!
  • Updated and Streamlined TinyMCE: Unify now runs the latest TinyMCE, modified and streamlined specifically for Unify.
  • Fixed Charset Issue: People running PHP 5.2 and below were experiencing a Charset error. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed Bound Events: Unify will now ignore clicks on links with an href of “javascript:”, “javascript:void(0)”, or “#”.
  • Fixed Un-bold/Un-italicize: Unify was having trouble un-bolding/un-italicizing already bolded/italicized elements. Not anymore.
  • Fixed Logout Error: Certain PHP installs were seeing a 403 error on logout. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed IE8 Dashboard Bug: A JS error has been resolved in the dashboard in IE8.


  • Fixed Include-within-Include Compatibility: Unify will now find includes properly.
  • Fixed Charset Issue: Unify was having trouble will dynamically set charsets. It should work fine now.
  • Fixed Absolute Positioning Bug: Unify should render absolutely positioned elements properly in the editor now.
  • Fixed Self-Closing Tag Endings: Unify will now fix the ends of your self-closing tags (IMGs, LINKs, etc.) based on which Doctype you are using.
  • Fixed Bold/Italics in Repeatable Areas: Unify was having issues with generating STRONGs or EMs when editing Repeatables. It should add/edit/publish them properly now (not using Bs or Is).


  • Fixed HTML Comments Bug: Unify should now leave your comments intact.
  • Fixed Video/Image Editor Bug: Now, Unify should not throw a JS error on editing a video or image not in a Unify editable area.


  • Added Include-within-Include Compatibility: Unify will now find and edit includes within includes (within includes, etc.).
  • Fixed Image Editor: Unify was throwing a JS error on editing an image not in a Unify editable area. Not anymore.
  • Fixed Repeatables Undo/Redo Bug: Unify will now properly undo and redo repeatable edits so that publishing will not error out after an undo or redo.
  • Fixed Char Encoding Error: The fixes above will also resolve any wrongful char encoding errors. Unify will still give an error if there is really a char encoding problem.


  • Fixed Publishing Bug: Unify was having trouble publishing to the default page in a directory if it was not specifically navigated to (ex: mysite.com/ = trouble). This has been fixed.
  • Fixed Numerous Minor IE Quirks: Including content overflow in the editor, easier text selection, and HTML output.
  • Fixed Image Editor in IE: Including inserting in the correct place and retaining original image size for “Resize to fit”.
  • Fixed Repeatables in IE: Repeatables should now work without difficulty in IE.


  • Fixed Safari Image Size Bug: Unify should calculate image sizes properly when inserting an existing image.
  • Fixed Table Repeatable Icons: Unify should now place the Repeatable icons in the proper place on Table Rows.
  • Added Limited “Friendly URL” Support: Unify will now work with mod_rewrites that remove the file extensions.


  • Fixed Image Insert: Unify did have a bug when inserting new images. Not anymore.
  • Fixed Tables: Unify should now work even better with tables: You can make the TABLE and TRs in to Unify Repeatables.
  • Fixed IE Editor Bug: IE was having trouble loading the editor. Not so much now.
  • Improved IE Issues: Unify’s editor has some other usability issues in IE, but we have made some strides to improve this, and will continue to do so.


  • Fixed Repeatables: Unify is able to sort and copy Repeatables again.


  • Added File Browser to Existing Image Prompt: It is now much easier to add images already on your server by using the magnifier icon next to the Existing Image prompt.
  • Fixed Char Encoding Error: Unify should not throw this error if it was throwing it before on publish.
  • Fixed Update Version: After this update, Unify will show the proper version number when completing auto-update.
  • Fixed HTML Prompt in Safari (and other browsers): When clicking done, Unify will now add the new content properly.
  • Fixed Image Selection: In Safari (and possibly other browsers) it is now much easier to select images in the editor: Just click on them.
  • Fixed Editor Styles: Unify had been bringing in external CSSes in reverse order. It does it in the right order now.
  • Fixed Image Sizes: When uploading and adding images, Unify will get the height correct again.


  • Added Auto-Update: Unify can now automatically update itself. In the dashboard, hit "Update Now!"
  • Added FTP Access: Unify can now get around permissions errors if you set it up with your FTP info in the dashboard.
  • Added Upload Paths for Files and Images: You can now set the file upload and image upload paths to specific directories.
  • Improved Page Rendering: In Unify, your site should now look exactly as it does live. There should be no CSS glitches.
  • Improved Content Rendering: When editing content in Unify, your content should now look exactly as it does on the page.
  • Improved HTML Editor: Unify now offers syntax highlighting and tabbing in the HTML editor. It can also be expanded to fullscreen now, too.
  • Better Table Support: With the two above improvements, Unify now works well with tables.
  • Better Server Support: With this version of Unify, many server needs have been eliminated, including mbstring.
  • Fixed Char Encoding: Unify should now be able to accept just about any kind of encoding, but it is still best to use utf-8 if you can.
  • Fixed Permissions Errors: If you set your FTP info, Unify can now publish where it had permission errors before. Especially for Apache on Linux.
  • Fixed JS/CSS/PHP Rewriting: Unify now strips JS, CSS, PREs, and PHP from the page before publishing as to not clean that content.
  • Overall: Cleaner, leaner and meaner.


  • Fixed On-Page CSS, JS and PRE Tags in Publishing: Unify will now ignore and not try to correct code in PHP, CSS, JS, and PRE tags in your html page.
  • Fixed Encoding Errors: Unify does not require the mbstring module any longer. It will read and encode based on the charset you have designated in your meta tag.
  • Fixed Update Icons: Unify's styles cannot be overridden now, so there should be no invisible icons.
  • Fixed Empty Include Error: Not that it is a good idea, but Unify will now ignore an empty include and not error when publishing.
  • Added Support for HTML 5 Elements: You can now edit HTML 5 elements in the Unify editor.
  • Better Permission Error Reporting: Unify can now tell you more about permissions errors and where they are happening.
  • Better Encoding: Unify's encoding process has gotten faster.


  • Fixed Specific Path Error: If you have a sub-domain with "unify" in the name, or your Unify path name in the domain/sub-domain, Unify was getting confused when creating absolute paths. Now, it will get it right.


  • Switched To All Absolute Image Paths: Unify will now rewrite image paths to be absolute (only on IMGs edited through Unify). This keeps it from losing track of paths, and is generally considered a good practice anyway.
  • Added Better Error Output for Encoding: If there is a conflict with character encoding, Unify will now let you know with a more specific error.
  • Fixed Content Destruction on Encoding Errors: Unify will now keep from publishing content if there is an character encoding error.


  • Fixed Absolute Image Paths, More So: Unify was adding slashes to absolute paths when editing from the root of the site.
  • Fixed Multiple Includes in PHP Blocks: Unify will now find and edit mutliple includes within blocks of PHP.
  • Fixed Publishing Includes in Sub-Directories: Unify will now be able to better find includes that are in sub-sub-directories and deeper. It deals with include paths better now.
  • Fixed PHP in IMG Paths: Unify will now leave PHP in IMG paths alone. For example you can now write:
    <img src="<? echo $root; ?>/image.jpg" />
  • Improved Error Reporting on Files: Unify will now tell you which file can not be found or if it is having a permissions issue.


  • Fixed Absolute Image Paths: Absolute image paths should work properly in the editor now.
  • Fixed IIS Issues: With the latest version of Unify, IIS servers should work fine, so long as you set the permissions properly.
  • Fixed User Duplication Bug: When saving user settings, Unify was showing duplicate users in the dashboard. This has been fixed and was purely a front-end issue. No duplicate users were created in the database.
  • Fixed Width Percentages Display: For elements with width set to a percentage, Unify should now display properly. Note: elements may not render properly after window resize.
  • Fixed "Session Already Created" Issue: Unify is now suppressing the notices that have caused this issue.


  • Added Compatibility With sIFR and Cufon: Unify will disable these elements so that you can edit them properly. They will save with Cufon/sIFR still in tact.
  • Added a Better Password Strength Indicator: Password strength indication makes a bit more sense now. Try it out!
  • Removed More TinyMCE Attributes: Unify should not put any TinyMCE attributes in your code, and will even clean out any old attributes that it might have put in before.
  • Fixed Image Paths, More So: Unify will now work properly with absolute paths, as well as any other image paths.
  • Fixed Publishing Error with Commented Unify Elements: If you have commented Unify elements, Unify will now ignore those when publishing.
  • Fixed Cancel All / Refresh Bug: Unify was hanging up sometimes after mutliple refreshes. Now, it works fine.


  • Fixed Image Paths: Unify will now write the correct paths to images, no matter where it is in relation to them on your server.
  • Fixed "Keep Proportions": Unify will now update the embed dimensions properly.
  • Fixed "margin: auto" Elements: Unify will now render margin: auto properly when viewing your site.
  • Fixed STRONG tags in Safari: As of Safari 4, TinyMCE no longer needs the Safari plugin, apparently.
  • Removed TinyMCE Attributes: Unify will not save custom TinyMCE attributes in to your code.
  • Fixed Definition List Error on Close: Unify was freezing up after inserting content in to a DL "unify"area. Not anymore.
  • Fixed GET Variables in Hrefs: Unify not rewrite your GET variables in href strings. It was adding quotes before.
  • Deleting Videos Through the Editor: Unify will now make sure to delete all of the embed code.
  • Fixed Include Error: Unify now recognizes "include_once" as well as "include" in PHP.
  • Fixed IE7 Video Bug: Editable areas with videos in them should work fine now in IE7.


  • Fixed Absolute Link Issue: Unify will not log you out now, if you're navigating in your own site using absolute links.
  • Fixed Icons in Subfolders: Pages in subfolders will now show the icons properly.
  • Fixed Permissions Bug: Unify will not rewrite your file's permissions now.
  • Fixed Repeatable Error w/ Empty Hrefs: Unify was having a hard time editing areas with A tags that had href="". Not now.
  • Fixed 500 Internal Server Error: The permissions fix should also alleviate this.


  • Added Video Embed Wizard: Unify now makes it easier to embed videos, through an interface like the Image Wizard.
  • Added File Uploads: Users can now upload files, and easily link to them through the Unify interface.
  • Added File Toggling: Admins can turn off file uploads through the Unify dashboard.
  • Added Persistent Restore State: Unify will now allow you to restore to the last saved version at any time.
  • Fixed Repeatables Sorting Bug: Fixed an issue with multiple Repeatable Areas on the same page.
  • Fixed Repeatables Publishing: Fixed an issue with publishing multiple Repeatable Areas on the same page.
  • Fixed Publishing for PHP 5.2.8+: Unify was having trouble publishing in PHP versions greater than 5.2.8. Now, it is not a problem.
  • Fixed Publishing Includes in Sub-Folders: Unify will now properly find includes, even if the page is in a sub-folder.
  • Fixed Image Paths in Sub-Folders: Unify will now use the right paths for images in sub-folders.
  • Fixed Flash Overlays: Flash, such as YouTube embeds, will now be rendered invisible when a Unify prompt is present.
  • Fixed Opera: Opera will now load Unify properly.
  • Fixed Some Charset Issues: Unify now does a better job detecting charsets, especially for anything not English.


  • Fixed Subfolder Error When Publishing: Unify can now find index pages, and all pages, in subfolders.
  • Fixed Charset Publishing Error: Unify was having trouble with ISO-8859-1. Not anymore.
  • Fixed HTML Publishing Error: Unify was stripping HTML on pages with only one Unify element. Now, not at all.
  • Correction Permissions: Unify will now try to alter permissions on pages before saving them. This may solve some permissions issues.


  • Line Breaks in "unify" Tags: Unify should work better with those who like line breaks in their tags.
  • Removed The Contact Form: In the Unify dash, we have removed the contact form. All help requests should now go through the "help".
  • Images in <p> tags, etc.: Unify now allows you to add images to p, h1, h2, etc. tags.
  • Icon Overflow: Unify icons will not appear off screen any more.
  • Fixed Small Image Editor Bug: The image editor had a small error in FF that prevented it working properly.
  • Added Rel Attribute: You can now add the rel attribute to links.
  • Works With Lightboxes: Unify has now been tested for and works with most lightboxes.
  • Works With JS Tabs: Unify will now work with simple hide/show javascript tabs.


  • Fixed Publishing Error: With any php install earlier than 5.2.3, Unify was majorly failing on publish. Not anymore.
  • Fixed Small Publishing Error: Unify was improperly ignoring nested elements when saving some image links.
  • Fixed Disappearing Icons: Unify icons now have absolute paths.
  • Fixed Incorrect Margins: Unify was ignoring some inline margins. Fixed now.


  • Fixed Inserting New Images: Unify, now, will not error when uploading new images to the text editor.